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Celeste Dot Art (CDA) was founded in 2020, a year largely known for... other things.

Celeste and her partner were just two of the millions of people around the world forced to stop working.


The artistic community was hit particularly hard and any around the world had to stop working since much of it involved working in close proximity to others. This made work almost impossible for a lot of artists.


Originally, we wanted to put Celeste’s work online and make it accessible for anyone to purchase and enjoy. But, others were in a similar situation. CDA didn’t just have to be about one artist.


So, we expanded the idea. We'd expand the assortment.


​Like any business, we've struggled with ups and downs (lefts and rights, too). But, we never gave up. CDA didn’t really start until late 2023.


We have a few core beliefs that form the backbone of CDA:


Variety. Fairness. Growth. Simplicity.



We don’t believe variety and quality are mutually exclusive. At CDA, we’re committed to hand-picking the art and artists we work with. As we grow, we’re looking to work with artists across the world and hope to showcase a wide range of artistic outputs.



Every artist whose work we sell receives commission on every sale made of their art. We hope CDA can be a way for our artistic partners to generate income and help support their lives and their future work.



Exposure is one of the most important tools for artists. As the world becomes increasingly digital, cutting through the noise is not only more complicated but more important than ever before. As committed partners, we don’t just sell their work. We’re looking to help tell their stories and reach potential customers across the web.



Running an online business isn’t what it used to be (was it ever simple?). As tools get better, applications expand, features are released etc… We want to keep things simple. Our artist partners should just make great art and get paid for it. We handle all the work that goes with running an online business (operations, marketing, administration etc...). We also absorb all of the expenses related to advertising the artist’s work, none of it comes out of their cut of the profits.


We know we’re not the cheapest option to buy art. We hope we never are.

If we want to pay our artists fairly and deliver on our idea, we need to charge a fair price.


Despite this, we’re committed to never price-gouging our customers, who make all of this possible.

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